5-Day Call to Action: Pray and Act for Truth

call to action Jan 27, 2020

Each day this week, please do something to stand for truth. Set a reminder on your phone to help you remember. Check back here each day for a new prompt.

Every day (Monday–Friday), do these three things:

  1. Read this piece by MWEG member Elizabeth Davis-Edwards and then get on your knees and pray for the United States and for truth as she so beautifully advises.
  2. Pick up your phone and call your senators to tell them you support a full and fair impeachment trial with pertinent witnesses and evidence.
  3. Comment on our Facebook post (name your state) and tag someone you know, asking them to read, pray, and act.

On Monday, also tell your senators that you have read the news about Bolton’s manuscript and believe that he should be called to testify, along with others who have firsthand knowledge of the events that lead to impeachment.

On Tuesday, we ask you to share this piece written by MWEG member and Romney constituent Emily W. Taylor. Share it on all your social media platforms and share it with your senators indicating that you are asking the same of them: a full and fair impeachment trial with pertinent witnesses and evidence.

On Wednesday, continue to pressure your senators by calling to insist pertinent witnesses be subpoenaed to provide firsthand testimony relevant to the impeachment charges. Senator McConnell has revealed that he does not have the votes to block impeachment witnesses. Specifically important at this time is John Bolton. At this time, it is especially important to call John Bolton to testify. Check today’s Facebook post for a possible script.

On Thursday, call your senators to speak up for truth, the balance of power, and the rule of law. Our government has worked because of its delicate balance between the three branches of power. By giving in to the arguments submitted by Dershowitz, the legislative branch would be handing away their ability to check the president. With no checks there can be no balance. Check today’s Facebook post for a possible script to use when calling your senators.

On Friday, be a witness to corruption. As more details come out about the timeline and events that led to impeachment charges, be a witness to the rationalization of corruption. Call your senators to say thank you if they have indicated their support for witnesses. If they have announced they will not support witnesses or have remained silent on the issue, call and let them know you will witness to the gravity of this moment.

Take heart and continue to pray and act for truth. Recognize that enormous change will come as everyday people become highly involved citizens. Resist the apathy that can come when faced with relentless disinformation and corruption. Truth is discernible, but corruption thrives in the shadows. Our small daily acts of truth-telling and witnessing shine light on all that hides in darkness.

Every day, let your senators know that you are paying attention, that truth matters, and you will not be intimidated or fooled by disinformation.

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Call To Action

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