Call to Action: Full and Fair Impeachment Trial

call to action education Jan 21, 2020

As the impeachment trial begins in the Senate today, we reaffirm our position that anything less than a full and fair impeachment trial, including pertinent witnesses and evidence, will be a violation of oaths taken by U.S. senators. Early analysis of the rules set forth by the McConnell resolution is deeply troubling; they ignore established procedures for admitting evidence and calling witnesses. They are designed to hide rather than expose the truth. Because the resolution allows for dismissal at any time, without allowing for arguments or discussion, Senator McConnell has created a process designed to conceal truth and exonerate the president rather than to lay bare the truth and derive a fair and just conclusion from it.

This process does not imply confidence in the accused. If the charges brought by the House are, in fact, completely partisan, the president more than anyone else will be best served by an open trial with sworn witnesses.

We call upon all of our members to rally at this moment and do the following:

  • Share the post from our public Facebook page.
  • Call your senators today — regardless of what you believe their position may be. Peacefully and forcefully re-affirm that you represent the majority of American citizens who insist the senators collaborate to fulfill their Constitutional obligation to execute a full and fair trial. This trial must be allowed to proceed methodically, must involve pertinent witnesses with first-hand knowledge of the president’s actions, and should be conducted in good faith.
  • Reach out to five friends or family members and personally ask them to do likewise. Articulate to them the need for a fair trial, and express your concern that anything less will irreparably damage the faith of citizens in their leadership.
  • Share our new website,, with your associates and on social media. A majority of Americans along the political spectrum desire a free and fair Senate trial. Help amplify their voices, and communicate that truth supersedes ideology. Genuine patriotism demands truth.
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Call To Action

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