Call to Action: Submit Your Letters to MWEG by Monday, January 6

call to action education Jan 03, 2020

Call to Action: We have an urgent need for each of you to join us in a D.C. letter campaign asking for a full and fair impeachment trial in the Senate. We also ask you to recruit five friends to do the same. MWEG members will hand-deliver the letters when the Senate is back in session next week. The deadline for letter submission is Monday, January 6, at 5 p.m. MT. The submission deadline is only three days away! Please take a moment to write and submit your letter now.

Introduction: MWEG released an official statement on December 18 calling for a full and fair impeachment trial. While our voice is clear and determined, its reach is modest. We do not, however, believe we are alone in our convictions. As a true grassroots organization that is committed to being nonpartisan, we reaffirm our faith in democracy, acknowledging that with our individual votes under threat, every citizen has a role to play and should speak out. We would like to help any interested citizens amplify their own voices and communicate directly with their representatives in Congress.

To do by Monday, January 6, at 5 p.m. MT:

As we have several times in the past, MWEG is planning a visit to the Hill on January 8, 2020, to deliver copies of our official statement, along with constituent letters, to Senate D.C. offices. We will print and hand-deliver letters to each senator from their constituents regardless of location or party affiliation. In order to be included in the MWEG delivery, these letters must observe our principles of peacemaking, call for a defense of laws and the observance of norms, include a demand for the senate to conduct a full and fair trial, and do not resort to any form of ad hominem attacks.

You can submit your letters to us via this form.

Sample letter to a Republican senator (please make revisions to reflect your voice and which areas you are most concerned about):

Dear Senator Romney,

I have been [carefully following the impeachment hearings] [paying close attention to a variety of news sources reporting on impeachment] [carefully considering the evidence put forth during the impeachment inquiry], and I support the House vote of December 18, 2019. I believe the testimony of the ambassadors, foreign service representatives, and civil servants as they explained the events under investigation. I support the official statement from Mormon Women for Ethical Government calling for a full and fair trial in the Senate. I want the Senate trial to include evidence and testimony that was blocked by the White House during the House inquiry.

Our nation is fractured, but 7 in 10 Americans (across party lines) agree that White House aides should testify in the Senate trial. Please step forward and join with other courageous colleagues to insist on a full and fair trial in the Senate.


[Your name]
[Your address or at minimum, your zip code]

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