MWEG 2019 Highlights

education and action Jan 10, 2020

As we bid farewell to 2019, we took a moment to celebrate some of our most exciting moments from the year. In 2019, we:

  • held our most successful fundraiser to date on Giving Tuesday, receiving more than $15K in donations from 200+ individual donors
  • released the MWEG Principles of Ethical Government as a foundational document, along with new educational materials on topics ranging from media literacy to the 2020 census
  • created the MWEG portal online, where members can log in for writing resources, discussion questions, and a place to connect with MWEG apart from social media platforms
  • sold out tickets to our second annual spring conference with more than 200 attendees
  • created two new chapters, in addition to our state and international chapters, for Spanish speakers and military members and family
  • wrote an official statement on impeachment that struck a nerve with Americans — it nearly crashed our website with over 150,000 views in just a few days and had a combined total of 385,000 impressions on Facebook and Twitter 
  • started a bimonthly newsletter to keep members and friends of MWEG up to date on our work
  • published dozens of op-eds in local and statewide publications, reaching tens of millions of readers across the country
  • posted 1,200 times to the MWEG FB discussion group
  • logged more than 35,000 volunteers hours among our leadership team

As proud as we are of the tremendous work we accomplished last year, none of it would be meaningful without seeing the thousands of ways MWEG has helped empower women to amplify their voices and engage with their communities and country. In 2019, MWEG members, acting as individuals, clocked many personal firsts: visiting representatives at the state and local levelpublishing op-edsparticipating in voter registration drives, engaging with refugees and immigrants, running for office, being elected to office, participating in local referenda, and even voting.

Thank you for building this amazing community of women with us. We can’t wait to share everything we’re cooking up for 2020!


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