Official Statement on the Testimonies of Marie Yovanovitch and Dr. Fiona Hill

official statement Nov 25, 2019

At Mormon Women for Ethical Government, our mission is “to inspire women of faith to be ambassadors of peace who transcend partisanship and courageously advocate for ethical government.” Last week in D.C. we had the privilege of seeing that mission personified by two remarkable public servants — Marie Yovanovitch and Dr. Fiona Hill.

As they testified before the House Intelligence Committee, both women spoke at great personal cost, yet they did so with clarity and precision. They were unfailingly respectful but would not back down from the truth. In short, they exemplified the kind of courage and competence we aspire to in the pursuit of our mission. We encourage all of our members as well as our fellow citizens to put aside personal discomfort and follow their examples. The time has come to speak out peacefully and courageously in defense of ethical governance and the nation we love.

*Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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