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Get Ready to Vote!

Our Civic Action Center is your one-stop source with everything you need to be ready to vote in November. Make sure you're registered to vote, know what's on your ballot, and when/where to vote! 

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Stay up to date on the latest election news.

Find information on your state's voting policies, registration deadlines, and more on this spreadsheet.

Get Involved 

 100 Days

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Yesterday's Action: 

Voting is a right and responsibility. So today sign I Pledge to Vote.

Today's Action:

Name your favorite treat and connect it to voting, candidates or past presidents.

Tomorrow's Action:

Read President Ballard's message on the importance of voting.


Calls to Action

Protecting the vote is as easy as ABC:

ASK CONGRESS for adequate election funding
BE HEARD - write an op-ed or letter to the editor
COORDINATE efforts at the state and local level

Find out more about MWEG's Protect the Vote initiative, including more resources and ways you can get involved.

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Host a Voter Preparation Party

Coming soon: all the materials and resources you need to host your own Voter Prep Party!

What is a Voter Preparation Party?

It's an opportunity to discuss candidates and issues on your ballot with local friends and neighbors, to crowdsource information and work collaboratively to be an informed voter. 


VPP Materials (coming soon)
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Many states are facing a shortage of poll workers for the upcoming election. Poll workers help voters check in, maintain physical distance in lines, understand their ballots, and cast their votes. They will also ensure a safe voting environment by wiping down machines and equipment.

An adequate number of election workers is essential to keeping our election safe and accessible.


Sign Up to be an Election Worker


Protect the Vote Deep Dive 

We held our first swarming, a Deep Dive (well, *hive* in this case) to learn about taking action to Protect the Vote in the next critical 100 days.

Registered members of MWEG can watch the recording by going to the Members Only Video section on the MWEG Portal. Learn how to complete a Call to Action - at federal and state levels. Learn answers to some of your burning questions about how to be the most engaged and informed voter possible, and how to help others do the same.

If you aren't an MWEG member you can sign up here.

Support our Protect the Vote initiative

All funds will go directly to support MWEG's Protect the Vote campaign, including Calls to Action and our Civic Action Center.

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