Get Involved

How will you become involved? 

We all want to be good citizens, but we know every woman's circumstance is unique. MWEG offers every member the opportunity to make a difference in a way that works with her life, her schedule, and her desire. Offer whatever you can, and we will magnify your impact. Working together we are a force for good. 

Where to Start
What's Next
How to Stay Involved

Where to Start

Where should you start?  

Find out how MWEG can be life-changing for you. Discover MWEG's voice in the MWEG Library then discover the diverse voices of our leaders and members on our blog, Voices of MWEG


Join MWEG then visit the Member Portal and take the Welcome to MWEG Course

Join a Chapter

Join a chapter for community and grassroots engagement. 


It’s not that she’s been silent until now,
though those who haven’t trained themselves to hear
the creak of mountains, work of wind, might sometimes claim
she hasn’t had a voice. It’s that she knows
the power of slow growth, of listening.
Now, as she turns her mind towards the world,
she’ll teach it what she’s learned, a better strength:
the strength of sea that, rising, can’t be caught
or kept restrained; the strength of milk and sun
and ink; the strength of those she’s raised to speak
the truth--the children who will match her stride
into the world and build it better. Now
her voice will not be hushed; this wind is fierce.
It winnows, working mysteries in the world.
There’s power in a truthful woman’s voice.  

                                            - Darlene Young

What's Next

What do you do when you know you have to do more? 

Now that you are here and ready to stay you may feel called to do more. Some women find that easy. Some want to learn from a mentor or with other women. Some may wish to learn new skills, or learn to apply their old skills in a new way. No matter what, it typically includes making life-changing habits. MWEG has communities, courses, and opportunities for you. Learn about a few below. 

Join in a CTA

Choose to act. Join with members of MWEG on a national or state level to respond to official Calls to Action or participate in one of our sustained efforts

Meet Your Legislator

Take the free MYL course to gain the knowledge and skills you need to become comfortable interacting with your legislators and legislators' staffers.

Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor

When you are ready to take the plunge to write an op-ed or letter to the editor, the Op-Ed Writing Lab is there to assist you every step of the way, from drafting to publishing. 

How to Stay Involved

MWEG's work is carried on the strong shoulders of volunteers. 

Now is the time to see how you can help. Fill out the volunteer applications so we can match your skills and time availability to the right project,  position, or community. Thank you! 

Volunteer Application

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