Help Us Celebrate MWEG’s 1st Birthday!

Happy birthday to Mormon Women for Ethical Government! We emerged feisty and determined, full of energy and gumption. We were nourished by the good word of God, dedication to a just and civil society, the wisdom of Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, a confidence in the power of sisterhood – and by credible news sources. We linked arms and hearts, stirred by our rallying cry: We will not be complicit by being complacent.

With committees and calls to action, donations and devotionals, lobbying and laboring we strengthen our muscles, minds and voices. We have had growing pains, and there are surely more to come. The work continues in our efforts toward unity. Despite differences on our pages and in our hearts, we seek the common good. As we model that process with all its challenges and occasional glitches, we come to understand the struggles in the halls of Congress to make “of many, one.” Increased compassion fuels our abilities to home in on productive, effective measures to promote, provoke and ensure ethical governance for our sisters and brothers everywhere. 


Please join us in celebrating our first birthday by making a donation to MWEG.

Your gift will allow us to continue advocating for refugees, fighting unethical deportations, educating about the political process, lobbying efforts to restore and ensure ethical governments and social institutions. We can’t do this alone so join us in giving to MWEG.

Simply click on the link and give what you can; we have learned that each donation collectively makes a big difference.


Happy Birthday, MWEG!

Your donation will make a difference.