We’d love to have you join us! If you’d like to become a member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government, please carefully read our mission statement and the welcome message under ABOUT US.

While our website and Facebook Page are available to everyone, only members may join our private discussion groups. If you are a woman who has read through our materials, understands our vision, and agrees to abide by our guidelines, you may request membership with this form.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you will be added both to our general Facebook Group and to the appropriate State/Region chapter. Women who live outside the U.S. are welcome to join us as well.


Much of the work that is accomplished by Mormon Women for Ethical Government is done through our various committees, which oversee specific issues, topics, and/or endeavors. The following is a list of our current committees and committee leads. If you are interesting in serving in one of these committees, please contact our committees manager, MaryJan Munger, at

Anti-Discrimination: Shelly Cluff
subcommittee: Decency: Julia Bringhurst Blake
subcommittee: Disabilities: Shilah Shepherd
subcommittee:Family: Krista Cole Frederico
subcommittee:LGBT: Debra Coe and Jody England Hansen
subcommittee:Racism: Ana Patricia Ramos Mattson
subcommittee:Religious Freedom: Alicia Crowley Alba
Civic Engagement: Catherine Eslinger
Constitutional Violations: Jolene Perry
Creative Team: Megan Lagerberg
Education: Erin Bills Montague
Effective Action: Lisa Rampton Halverson
Environmental Issues: Ashley Dickson
Executive Orders/Memorandums: Yvette Farnsworth Baker and Natalie Nielson-Riep
Foreign Affairs/Global Relations: Tay Gudmundson
Healthcare: Cindy Baldwin
Media Literacy and Engagement: Jennifer Walker Thomas
Refugee Relief/Immigration: Courtney Lennberg
subcommittee: Education: Amy Pack Stephensen
subcommittee: European Refugees: Melissa Dalton-Bradford
subcommittee: Law and Policy: Erica Eastley
subcommittee: Press/presentations: Twila Davis Bird
subcommittee: US Refugees: Amanda Rawson Hill
Senior Citizen Issues: Brigitte Madrian and Linda Mannering
Writing and Publishing Team: Mel Luthy Henderson

In addition to our international MWEG group (which consists of nearly 5,000 members from across the globe), we also have local chapters for the following states and regions of the world. You will automatically be added to both the main MWEG Group and the appropriate State/Region chapter once you fill out the membership form above.


Alaska: Ashley Trupp Mattson
Arizona: Kendra Worsley Kellis
California: Stephanie Huang Porter
Colorado: Krista Erçin-Maurer
Connecticut: Tiffany Christler Wacaser
Georgia: Abby Cheatham Wright
Hawaii: Umi Jensen
Idaho: Erin Olds
Iowa: Jen DeLapp Pocock
Kansas: Andrea Boyack and Erin Bills Montague
Maine: Brooke De Roche Jones
Maryland: Natalie Joanna Malkowski Reineke
Massachusetts: Jessica Gray
Michigan: Angie McQuivey Gardner
Minnesota: Abby Porter
Missouri: Cathryn Matheson and Lynnette Cattron
Montana: Lynnette Cattron
Nebraska: Emma Petty Addams
Nevada: Joey Hall
New Hampshire: Kim Oziomek Mender
New Jersey: Sanja Dimic, Deanna Henderson Lasker, Malissa McKay Arnold, Cat Lyon Crawford
New Mexico: Julie Ford Brenning
New York: Jennifer Johnson Galan and Carly Scheiner Maready
North Carolina: Glenda Milot
Ohio: Nancy Tubbs Harward
Pennsylvania: Shauna Carpenter Kruse
Texas: Katy Drake Bettner
Utah: Maren Mecham, Lisa Rampton Halverson, Margaret Blair Young, Kristen Edwards, and Sara Vranes
Virginia: Molly Hogan, Maggie Olsen, and Liz Stanely Smart
Washington: Aly Bernhisel Hammond
Washington DC: Julianne Parker Weis, Sylvia Cabus
Wisconsin: Stephanie Porritt Jarman
Western Europe: Amy Kate Parker and Shannon Monroe Ashton
Asia: Hillary Storey
Middle East: Erica Eastley

If you don’t see your state or area of the world listed and are interested in being a coordinator for your area, please contact the State/Region Chapter Manager, Stefanie Condie at