Official Statement from Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG) with Regard to Announcement About DACA

Mormon Women for Ethical Government believes in the dignity of all human beings, in the importance of families, in equal opportunity for all, and in justice, fairness, and compassion. We are grieved by today’s announcement that the Trump administration has rescinded DACA. This action shows an indefensible and reprehensible disregard for the 800,000 young DREAMers who were brought to this country as young children and have grown up here, graduated from high school, attended college, participated in the work force, paid taxes, purchased homes, raised families, and have otherwise shown themselves to be exemplary upstanding, law-abiding contributors to our society. We uphold the official statements of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on issues of immigration and, like the Church, support “an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law.” We now call upon Congress to pass the DREAM Act of 2017 or similar legislation to protect these vulnerable DREAMers and to provide a path to citizenship for them. And we call upon people of conscience everywhere to make sure that their elected representatives do just this.

*Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG) is a nonpartisan group dedicated to the ideals of decency, honor, accountability, transparency, and justice in governing. MWEG is not formally affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We do, however, fully sustain the leaders and doctrines of the Church.