Official Statement from Mormon Women for Ethical Government with Regard to Gun Violence

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Fort Hood. Charleston. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. These massacres and the many others across the U.S., including over 300 in 2017 alone, have left their bloodstain on the soil of our nation. Members of Mormon Women for Ethical Government believe our nation will ultimately be held accountable both to history and to God if we continue to watch in horror and do nothing.

Today, we forcefully proclaim that we have witnessed too many slaughters and we commit to work alongside other concerned citizens to push for immediate legislation for commonsense regulations that a majority of Americans already agree upon–bans on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and bump stocks; reasonable waiting periods before firearm purchases; and more thorough background checks, including for private sales and at gun shows. We also call for a much needed national self-examination. Our culture of violence must change. And we must lead out in this change, beginning in our own homes. Not only do we need better laws, we need better people.

How many of our children must be sacrificed on the altar of individual liberties before we are shaken to action? As people of faith, we are sincere in offering our thoughts and prayers to the victims of these horrific acts of violence. But without accompanying action, our words can only echo across the land as a hollow mockery until they are coupled with both laws and people that honor the sanctity of life. We urge all citizens to stand together to defend our most fundamental freedom—the right to life.

Image Source: Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

*Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG) is a nonpartisan group dedicated to the ideals of decency, honor, accountability, transparency, and justice in governing. MWEG is not formally affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We do, however, fully sustain the leaders and doctrines of the Church.