This Practical Peacemaking course will provide resources to help you access added power, knowledge, and skills as peacemakers. Through very tangible peace education, you will be prepared to create the conditions required for inner peace and shared peace at home, in our own society, and throughout the entire world. 

Find out more about the foundational principles behind MWEG's approach to peacemaking, then use the peacemaking resources below and find opportunities to put them into practice.

MWEG's Six Principles of Peacemaking
Devotionals and Other Peacemaking Resources
Introduction to the Practice of Peacemaking

Week 1

Defining conflict, contention, and peace, and exploring the five approaches to conflict.

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Take this Conflict Styles Assessment then watch the GROW to learn more about them.

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Individually Finding Peace

Week 2

Understanding our own needs and managing anger from a nonviolent communication perspective.

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Take this Needs Questionnaire then watch the GROW to learn more.

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Preparing to Understand Others to Create Peace

Week 3

Gearing up to listen, perspective take, and empathize (positions versus interests). 

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Working Cooperatively to Transform Conflict into Peace

Week 4

Working through differences via the basics of facilitative negotiation.  

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Take some of these Conflict Resolution Assessments

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Thank you for taking steps to develop peacemaking skills!

Throughout the rest of the year we will continue to focus on the Six Principles of Peacemaking and tools and skills to help you implement them in your life.

Additional Peacemaking Resources
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