Protect the Vote

Without a free and fair vote, our democracy will fall.
MWEG is working to ensure each voice is heard at the ballot box as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Join our fight to ensure every citizen has the opportunity to vote in elections that are safe, secure, and accessible.
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Registered MWEG members and friends have access to all the materials for the Protect the Vote initiative. Find Call to Action support, the Neighborhood Information Meeting Toolkit, and our Op-Ed Writing Lab in the MWEG Portal

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This precarious moment in history has revealed that many of the election processes we have taken for granted to be safe, secure, and accessible are anything but that. MWEG members have access to ready-made materials to hold their own Neighborhood Information Meetings (NIM). A NIM Toolkit is an all-inclusive kit for MWEG members to host informative, discussion-based meetings with family, friends, neighbors, or community members on the need to protect the vote this election year.

Support our Protect the Vote Initiative

All funds will go directly to support MWEG's Protect the Vote campaign, including Calls to Action and our Civic Action Center.

Donate to Protect the Vote
 MWEG is asking you to join us in this fight to protect the vote by following a plan that is strategic and simple.

In fact, it's as easy as: A B C, 1 2 3!

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Ask Congress for funding that will allow states to make changes to provide all voters with safe and secure access to the vote.

Call To Action
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Be heard. Use MWEG’s Op-Ed Lab to write your own op-ed or letter to the editor that can influence opinion and affect change in behaviors and even laws.

Call To Action
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Coordinate with your MWEG state chapter to participate in efforts to make specific changes that will ensure your ability to vote safely in your own state.

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Visit our Election Central

Your one-stop source for getting election updates, getting registered to vote, and getting involved!

Election Central

Support the Mission of the United States Post Office

The newly appointed postmaster general is implementing changes to the USPS that have slowed mail delivery and deeply compromised the agency’s ability to serve the nation. These changes run the risk of compromising election outcomes through extended delivery times, votes invalidated by slow service, and a suggested tripling of mailing cost. You can find more background information from MWEG here.

Americans need prompt and consistent mail delivery, especially when a large number of mail-in votes are expected in the 2020 election.

Contact your members of Congress and express your concern that changes to the postal service will slow mail delivery. 

Use MWEG's advocacy tool to send a letter. You can draft your own or follow prompts to have a personalized letter created for you. Before sending, you will be able to click in the final field to make any desired edits.

Draft Your Own Letter
Get Help Drafting a Letter
Protect the Vote State-by-State
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