Protect the Vote


Specific Calls to Action

Coordination on a local level is vital in our work to Protect the Vote. 

As MWEG moves forward in the fight to Protect the Vote, your willingness to coordinate with other MWEG members in your chapter and with your friends and neighbors on a local level is crucial.  In five minutes you can take action aimed at affecting change in your community. Just click on your state below to get started. Then once you have taken action to protect your vote and the vote of your community members, invite others in your state to do the same by sharing this page. If you are interested in learning about your state's voting standards go here.

*Please note: the CTAs on this page are updated regularly, so check back for new ways to take action at a more local level.*

Have you taken all the steps to Protect the Vote? 

Support MWEG's work to Protect the Vote.
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