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Ask Your Members of Congress to Update the Electoral Count Act of 1887

The Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887 sets out the process of casting and counting electoral votes after a presidential election. 

Unfortunately, the text of the ECA is confusing and antiquated, which means the counting of electoral votes remains vulnerable to conflicts of interest or abuse by partisan actors. The ECA should be updated to provide clarity and security to this process. This should be a bipartisan priority, as such a change would not lead to any partisan advantage for either party. The winner of such critical legislation would only be American democracy itself.  

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Let your members of Congress know that you are aware of this need and that you encourage them to call on their colleagues to take this up and, ultimately, support legislation. 

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Ask Your Senators to Support Voting Freedoms

Equality, freedom, and representation are central to the practice of democracy. To remain a democratic republic, the U.S. must protect the voting freedom of every eligible American, ensuring our ability to participate in free and fair elections. Among American voters, there is wide bipartisan support for federal protection of voter rights. Recognizing this, historically both the Republican and the Democratic parties have overwhelmingly supported the Voting Rights Act and its renewals. 

Unfortunately, voting freedom has been curtailed through efforts since the November 2020 elections to restrict access to the ballot. The Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA), which failed to pass in the Senate this week, was intended to provide much-needed reforms in order to protect the right to vote for every eligible American and to promote democratic processes that are representative of and accountable to the American people.

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Contact your senators to let them know you you are disappointed in the failure to pass the Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA), and that you want them to prioritize protecting voting freedoms for all citizens.

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