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Bipartisan Stimulus Plan

Request Members of Congress Publicly Acknowledge Biden as President-Elect and Accept the Results of the Election


Election Day 2020 is over. Investigations have found this to be the most secure election in American history. Joseph Biden is now the presumed president-elect, having won both the popular vote (by almost 7 million votes) and the electoral college (with 306 electoral votes).

However, the outgoing president refuses to concede, and many in his party are unwilling to confront him. This action is unprecedented, particularly given the overwhelming nature of the defeat. In a speech from the White House on Wednesday, December 2, Trump yet again called the election “rigged” and argued that “the results of the individual swing states must be overturned and overturned immediately.

Yet Attorney General William Barr has stated that the Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud “that could have effected a different outcome of the 2020 election.” Moreover, all six states where Trump mounted legal challenges have now certified their results. In addition to the “meeting of the electors” on December 14, Congress will also meet on January 6 in a joint session to accept the Electoral College’s vote. Under federal law, any lawmaker can join with a companion from the other chamber to raise an objection to any state’s votes. This would prompt a debate and subsequent vote in each chamber on whether to accept the challenge. “But no senator has publicly entertained joining the effort, and on Wednesday, several key Republican senators dismissed the possibility that the Senate would reject electoral votes or even join a House member’s challenge.

The delay must not continue. It is time to concede. Our members of Congress must support the democratic process and the will of the people by acknowledging Biden as the president-elect. They must publicly state, ahead of the January 6 joint session, that the elections were secure and that it is time for all to accept the will of the American people. 

A secure election and then a peaceful transition of power are part of our legacy as a democracy, and both should be protected and celebrated.

You can find more background information from MWEG here. 

Use MWEG's advocacy tool to contact your members of Congress. President-elect Biden must be allowed to start the transition process immediately. Tell them: “If you have spoken out, thank you. If you have not spoken out with clarity, you need to do so now.”

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Request Members of Congress Expedite a Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Bill Before Christmas


Americans do not agree on everything. But “[o]verwhelming majorities of more than 90% [of Americans] say the federal government should play a major or minor role in . . . responding to natural disasters (98%) . . .  and strengthening the economy (95%).” During this time of natural disaster (in the form of a pandemic) and the pandemic-induced economic recession, then, it makes sense that there is bipartisan support for a coronavirus stimulus bill before Congress closes for the season.

There are those on both sides of the political debate who are not satisfied with the bipartisan stimulus plan, but we feel consensus can be reached amongst many in both parties. In order for this bipartisan plan to gain traction, it is important for us to put pressure on both Democrat and Republican members of Congress to support a bipartisan compromise bill that addresses the needs of suffering Americans. 

You can find more background information from MWEG here. 

Contact your members of Congress and request that they support a bipartisan economic stimulus plan.

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