Take Action: May 4, 2017 Our nation of immigrants

Our national heritage is the quilted fabric of a nation of people hailing from different nations of origin — some generations ago, some just days ago. We all benefit from the freedoms afforded to us by the Constitution, and we all contribute to this great nation through the work we do in our jobs and in our struggles to maintain freedom and justice in our land.

  • Get informed. Read this ABC News article to learn why immigrants are essential to the American economy and workforce. Read this PBS News Hour article about how, despite rhetoric from the Trump administration, half of the immigrants targeted by ICE have had only traffic infractions or no criminal record at all. And read this Business Insider article about how the Supreme Court is now hearing the case of a woman whose citizenship was revoked for a minor infraction. SHARE THESE ARTICLES on social media to help other people get informed.
  • Ask your MoCs to stand with immigrants. Tell your members of Congress that ICE is splitting up families across the nation and in your own state, taking mothers away from their children — even disabled and very young children. Ask your MoCs to make a statement that this is immoral, unethical, not what Utah needs and must stop.
  • Send a postcard to congressional leaders. Fill out this online postcard form to send a quick postcard to your MoCs, then spread the word to others to do the same by tweeting: Immigrant communities are under attack! Help @RI4A protect them: http://bit.ly/2nQD2Qj #RiseUp
  • Oppose the deportation of DREAMers. Call or write your 3 MoCs. POSSIBLE SCRIPT: I’m from ZIP and want to express my support for a healthy, sane immigration policy in the US. Except for Native Americans and the descendents of slaves, our country is made up of immigrants and is stronger for this diversity. What is NAME doing to support DREAMers and offering a path to citizenship?
  • Get to know immigrants. Join an event in your community to get to know and understand the immigrant families working and living around you, such as one of Utah Islamic Center’s weekly “Meet the Muslims” events or next week’s Burundi Cultural Night.
  • Write an immigrant mama. Immigrants are afraid and struggling in today’s political climate. Reach out to an immigrant mother for Mama’s Day by sending a note of solidarity and support through Presente.org’s online letter form.
  • If in Utah: Join Action Utah’s Immigrant Allies Team. Get alerts about local UT events and press conferences to help rally community members to the aid of immigrants and deportees in our own communities. Join by emailing mobilize@actionutah.org.