Take Action: April 7, 2017 Stand with Teresa!

If you believe that a woman who has lived in the US for over two decades with legal Visa extensions should not be torn (without explanation) from her disabled son and elderly mother who rely on her for care (and are both legal citizens), then help us keep this story in the public eye. We have 8 hours!

The Saga: Yesterday morning, dozens from Mormon Women for Ethical Government gathered at the airport to peacefully protest the deportation of Teresa. (We had only learned of her story hours before.) Her attorney was unreachable, and she had no representation. We finally made contact with Senator Hatch’s office, and they put pressure on ICE to approve another extension. This was denied without explanation. We thought the fight was over.

Then there was a glitch in the security line, and Teresa missed her flight. This bought us a few more hours to contact her attorney and continue spreading the story. We were heartbroken when even that failed and Teresa stepped onto a flight late last night. HOWEVER, it turns out that Teresa has been delayed in Orlando for the next 8 hours. There is hope yet!

We have until 7pm EST to keep putting pressure on our political leaders and the news media to keep fighting for Teresa to stay in the US. Help us by keeping her story in the public view! Share this post on your social networks. Spread the word to everyone you know. Call your political reps and tell them you stand with Teresa! #standwithteresa #letherstay #keepfamiliestogether #prayforteresa @slttrib @deseretnews @kslnews @abc4utah @kutv2news @fox13now #mormonweg #mormonwomenforethicalgovernment#codepurple

Additional information here and here.