Take Action: August 16, 2017 Defend DREAMers

DREAMers are children who arrived in the US through no fault of their own and have been raised as Americans.  They contribute to American society in jobs, the military and education. Studies show deportation of the Dreamers would have devastating economic impacts on the US.

Even so, in late June, a group of 10 State Attorney Generals (from AL, AR, ID, KS, LA, NE, SC, TN, TX, and WV) wrote a letter to Jeff Sessions demanding the administration to rescind #DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that grants protected status to immigrant children brought into the US illegally by their parents. If DACA is not rescinded by September 5th, those State AG’s are prepared to challenge the program in court, and the Trump administration will not defend it. Without DACA, nearly 800,000 young people would be at risk of deportation to countries they have never known, devastating their lives and installing fear throughout our immigrant communities.

DHS Secretary John Kelly’s advice to lawmakers was to solidify DACA through legislation.

  • Call your members of Congress and urge them to support the #DreamAct.
  • Call your State Attorney General (if you’ve set up an account with 5calls.org, the page on the Dream Act will provide the phone number)
  • Check for #DefendDaca events and actions here.

Possible Script/Talking Points, or see https://5calls.org/issue/recq0O67VoMFFRQZo

Hi, my name is _______ and I’m a constituent. I’m calling today because DACA, a program that protects nearly 800,000 Dreamers from deportation, is under attack and DREAMers need your help. DREAMers work in every industry and at nearly every single major company in America. They are teachers and nurses, managers and military personnel. They are part of the fabric of our nation and we’re stronger because of them. The bipartisan DREAM Act [S. 1615/H.R. 3440] was recently introduced to provide DREAMers the critical protections they need to live, work, study and serve in our military. Please sign on to the DREAM Act now and stand with DREAMers! Thank you.