Take Action: August 2, 2017 Practice good stewardship of the earth

There are several bills, policies, and actions which may not fulfill our desires to be good stewards of the earth.  Some of them have health consequences as well.  If any of the information below is important to you, take action according to your views:

  • Trump and his cabinet are starting the process of rolling back Obama’s efforts to limit offshore drilling.  But the Interior Department is required to take public comments before they can move forward with this plan to put our coastlines at risk. If you wish, you can let them know you feel these areas should remain off limits to drilling. Instructions on how to submit comments can be found here.
  • Yet another EPA official has resigned, citing budget cuts and the repeal of environmental regulations in her exit letter.  Elizabeth Southerland, Director of Science and Technology in the Office of Water, closed her letter stating “I am confident that Congress and the courts will eventually restore all the environmental protections repealed by this administration because the majority of the American people recognize that this protection of public health and safety is right and it is just.”  We can tell our MoC if we agree with Southerland that we must maintain environmental regulations to ensure public safety, and that we must also provide federal funding for scientific research and development.
  • Senator Tom Udall has introduced a bill which would ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide which has been shown to cause brain damage.  This comes at a time when the current leadership of the EPA has decided against banning the dangerous pesticide.  We can ask our MoCs to cosponsor and support the Protect Children, Farmers, and Farmworkers from Nerve Agent Pesticides Act of 2017 (S. 1624). We can also call chairman Pat Roberts and ranking member Debbie Stabenow, of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, and tell them we support this bill. Pat Roberts: (202) 224-4774 Debbie Stabenow: (202) 224-4822
  • A bill in the House, HR 2936, would clear-cut our national forests and is seen by some as a giveaway to corporate interests.  The bill would leave millions of acres of protected areas vulnerable, shifts funding from environmental restoration to the timber industry and makes it tougher for us to hold the government accountable in court. If you are opposed, you can join EarthJustice and contact our members of Congress to voice your opinion.
  • Ask your Senator to oppose the EPA’s planned rollback of the Waters of the United States Rule. Ensuring clean water for all Americans is a national priority that requires federal support, and it is irresponsible to end a rule that protects 1 in 3 Americans’ drinking water sources. More information and a call script here.