Take Action: August 4, 2017 Support legislation to protect special counsels

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is uncovering critical materials in his probe into Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election, and Trump doesn’t like it.

In response to the possibility that Trump may try to fire Mueller in an effort to obstruct the investigation, Thom Tillis (R) and Chris Coons (D) introduced legislation in the House yesterday to make it more difficult for a president to remove a special counsel without legitimate cause. The Special Counsel Integrity Act is retroactive to the date that Mueller was hired, and would allow for a court hearing in the event of termination.  In addition, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) are working together on bi-partisan legislation to protect special counsels such as Robert Mueller.  While this latter legislation has not yet been filed and does not yet have a number, we can already let our Members of Congress (MoC) know we support protecting special counsels.

Call your MoCs and ask them to support these important, bipartisan bills.  If they won’t say yes, let’s ask them why.