Take Action: December 4, 2017 Stand with Native American tribes defending Bears Ears National Monument

“Bears Ears has been home to Native peoples since time immemorial, and is cherished by Native peoples for its cultural, spiritual, and archaeological importance…. Bears Ears contains hundreds of thousands of objects of historic and scientific importance, many traditional cultural properties, and many sacred sites.”  Read more here about the history of this sacred land.  Then consider taking these actions:

If you are in Utah, attend this peaceful rally today (Monday 12/4) protesting the significant reduction in size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Email your 3 MoCs.

Possible Script: Dear Sen./Rep. [name], The president cannot un-designate a National Monument, only Congress can. Please protect Bears Ears National Monument and vote against any bill carving up this sacred land for profit.

Donate: Support the non-profit legal team opposing the Zinke/Trump land grab.

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HT: Americans of Conscience