Take Action: December 5, 2017 As the tax bill goes back to the House, advocate for a return to regular order

The tax bill goes back to the House this week, where our representatives must either pass the Senate’s version, or observe regular order and negotiate the differences.  The latter action is preferable since it means more thought and time is taken on legislation which affects all of us.  Here are some actions you can take if you are concerned about the rush to pass a bill no one is quite sure of.

Call every House Representative (look up).  Remind them that they’re all up for re-election every two years.  Insist that they not vote to adopt the Senate version of the tax bill but send it to committee for major improvements, including and especially keeping the Healthcare mandate in place, which the House version already does. (Text of following scripts from Americans of Conscience.)

Possible Script for Red Reps: Hi. I’m a [Republican] constituent calling to strongly oppose the Republican tax plan which hurts low- and average-income Americans while helping the richest. Not only is it ill-conceived, I am angry that my tax dollar is paying for Rep. [name] to cater to his/her donors while shirking his/her obligation to observe regular order. S/he needs to show respect for the taxpayers who fund his/her salary. My future vote depends on Rep. [name] voting against this slapdash bill and returning to regular order.

Possible Script for Blue Reps: Hi. I’m calling from [ZIP], and already know that Rep. [name] opposes the Republican tax plan–as do I. However, I am angry that my tax dollar is paying for Rep. [name]’s salary in Congress while s/he is tolerating Republicans’ refusal to observe regular order. I will count on Rep. [name]’s vote against this inhumane bill. However, I also want Democrats to stop being doormats and get a spine. What will Rep. [name] do to restore regular order in Congress?

Call all Senators’ offices (2 per state) and either (a) thank them for voting no on the Tax bill and encourage them to do everything in their power to push for improvements in the committee OR (b) tell them you consider it to be utterly irresponsible to vote for a bill that hasn’t even been read yet, that you are not happy with the substance of the bill, and that you insist that the bill be thoroughly read, analyzed, and improved upon in committee with the House. Specifically insist that the Senator not vote for the final bill if it removes the Healthcare individual mandate.

More details from 5CALLS:
“Around 2am on December 2nd, the Senate voted 51-49 to pass H.R. 1, the Republicans’ sweeping, multi-trillion dollar tax bill. Bob Corker (R-TN) was the only GOP Senator to vote No, citing the bill’s massive and consistently-reported $1.4 trillion deficit increase as a dealbreaker. In a major break of procedural norms, Senate GOP leadership waited until only a few hours of floor debate remained to unveil the final text of the bill (479 pages, filled with illegible notes and changes written by lobbyists), preventing Senators, nonpartisan analysts, and the American public from understanding the bill’s widespread effects before the vote took place.

“The House and Senate have now each passed differing versions of H.R. 1, setting up two potential paths forward for the bill. Either the House will simply vote to pass the Senate’s version, or the two chambers will agree to go to Conference Committee where an identical compromise bill will be agreed upon and sent back to each chamber for another full member floor vote. While the former path leaves little room for change, a Conference Committee creates a window for the bill to be derailed. The chambers may struggle to reconcile differences — ACA individual mandate repeal, child tax credit, estate tax, etc. — or other previously agreed upon caveats may fail in the interim. For example, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), voted for the Senate bill under the condition that two ACA-protecting bills pass first, but the House has offered no guarantees that they will pass either of them.”

HT: 5CALLS and Americans of Conscience

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