Take Action: July 10, 2017 Submit comments on Regulations.gov regarding EO weakening ACA

Until Wednesday (7/12), you may comment on Regulations.gov regarding the repeal of the ACA (Obamacare).

Review the talking points below and submit an informed comment by clicking on the “Comment Now!” button.  For maximum effectiveness, personalize your comment rather than copy and paste. You also don’t need to include every point: focus on the ones you feel most strongly about.

  • The best way to ensure affordable coverage for the most Americans is to fund the subsidies, enforce the mandate and keep the regulations requiring high quality insurance.
  • The President’s Executive Order (EO) directs the Department of Health and Human Services, Health and Human Services (HHS) to minimize the “economic burden” of the ACA. (Read more here and here.)  In fact, the EO is designed to accomplish the following:
    • It would destabilize exchanges and markets by decreasing subsidies, making policies harder to compare and allowing cheaper options for healthy, well off people. This would leave the the vulnerable with unaffordable options.
    • It could destabilize exchanges by allowing healthy people to buy short-term policies off the exchanges, leaving the exchanges only with the high costs of those already sick.
    • It would cause any plans that become cheaper as a result of the rescinded regulations to have skimpier coverage for those now healthy and leave them at risk if they have a major accident or illness.
    • It would add more “flexibility” to states without full funding, which is likely to reduce access to Medicaid for the most vulnerable patients and result in higher deductibles for those most in need.
    • It would add more “flexibility” in defining essential benefits, which would allow bigger profits for insurers by decreasing the quality of coverage for those who need it most.