Take Action: July 13, 2017 Ask for chair of Government Oversight & Reform Office who will do their job

We cannot expect the Oversight and Reform committee to do its job when it is run by a member — Trey Gowdy — who has a proven record of the most unproductive forms of partisanship.

Call Speaker Ryan (202) 225-3031 and demand a chair for House Oversight and Reform who will do the job, who will investigate Russian interference, ethics violations, corruption and conflicts of interest in the white house and beyond.  Ask Ryan to put a member of congress with a proven record of non-partisan interest in our nation’s future as opposed to a history strewn with partisan witch hunts as chairman of oversight and reform. Charlie Dent, Elise Stefanik, and Fred Upton are Republicans who would be excellent choices.

In addition, you can contact the House Oversight and Reform (202) 225-5074, the Chairman’s office: (202) 225-5074, and Minority Leader Elijah Cummings: (202) 225-5051.  Bonus points if Ryan (WI-1), Gowdy (SC-4), or Cummings (MD-7) are your representatives.  However, they may also be contacted by others due to their leadership positions.