Take Action: July 14, 2017 Request open hearings from Trump Jr. on his dealings with Russia

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now looking into Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mails, but in order to have any kind of transparency or gain insight into the details of his correspondence, Trump Jr. needs to testify under oath which will likely happen next week.

  • Let our senators know that we want Trump Jr. to testify in an open, not a closed hearing for transparency’s sake.  In addition, tell those senators as well as your representatives that we still need an independent Congressional committee or an independent commission of experts to look into unethical behavior by Team Trump.
  • Call these Congressional committees:
    • the Senate Judiciary Committee (202-224-5225),
    • the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (202-224-1700),
    • the House Select Committee on Intelligence – Minority Staff (202-225-7690), and
    • the House Select Committee on Intelligence – Majority Staff (202-225-4121).

More information at 5calls.org (also NYT and National Review)