Take Action: July 7, 2017 Encourage a bipartisan solution to the healthcare debate

Because #AmericaCanDoBetter, call upon your Members of Congress to work to find a bipartisan solution to the healthcare debate. This article provides more information: “High premium costs for policies offered in the state marketplaces, known as exchanges, and lack of competition among insurers in rural areas generate the most public complaints, and undergird the GOP’s call for the law’s repeal. But a few fixes, long recommended by policy analysts, could remedy these.  Such fixes could also form the basis of a bipartisan alternative should the attempt by the Republican majority in the Senate to replace the Affordable Care Act fail. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York offered to help forge such a deal last week.

“Democrats have not had a voice in crafting the Senate bill, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drafted in secrecy. But given a chance, they would probably address some of the problems even they see with the Affordable Care Act. Chief among them are the high premiums middle-class workers face when trying to buy insurance on the individual market.”

You might remind your representatives that democracy is hard work and it is nonpartisan work.  While our Founding Fathers did meet in secret when forging the Constitution, they did so with people of various political persuasions, economic backgrounds, and geographic affinity.  We won’t reach a reasonable healthcare solution until all sides work together.