Take Action: June 12, 2017 Support the health care you want our nation to have

Action Utah shared a LOT of possible actions we can take if we are worried about the Senate health care bill:

  • Ask your Senators for transparency in health care policymaking. After the House rushed to pass the American Health Care Act with no public hearings or amendments, the Senate has created a group of 13 white men (including both Utah Senators Hatch and Lee) to write a new health care bill entirely behind closed doors. Last week Mitch McConnell began procedural steps to fast-track the legislation in hopes that it will pass by June 30th without input by Democrats or stakeholders on a bill that will impact the health and survival of millions and millions of Americans. The Senate will use the budget reconciliation process to try to pass the measure, ensuring it can pass with just 50 votes (plus a tie-breaker by Mike Pence) and preventing a Democratic filibuster. By contrast, before the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Democrats in the House held a series of public hearings, posting a public discussion draft in between, and held 3 committee markups. In the Senate HELP Committee held 14 bipartisan roundtables and 13 public hearings, and during their markup accepted over 160 Republican amendments. The Senate Finance Committee held an additional 17 public hearings, roundtables and summits, plus a markup. The independent Congressional Budget Office’s ‘scores’ were available prior to each vote at each stage of the process.

Call your Senators and ask for a transparent process in shaping the legislation that impacts our lives.

  • Tell your health care story to a Senate staffer. Real personal stories are sometimes the most powerful way to influence policymaking. Do you have a personal story that your senator should know when drafting the next health care reform bill? Make sure they hear it by communicating with their staffers.

Send your health care story to the senator staffer in charge of health care.

  • Ask specific Senators to put people over politics. The American Health Care Act would see 23 million Americans lose their health care. According to latest estimates, the Senate bill would see 16 million people lose their health care.

Use this  to call and tweet targeted Senators from other states.

Possible call script from 5Calls: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [___].

IF CALLING REPUBLICAN: I’m calling today because I’m appalled by the Republican attempts to pass the AHCA without any transparency what so ever. I ask that Senator [___] demand the immediate release of the plan’s details to the public and hold a hearing to thoroughly discuss a healthcare plan that affects one-sixth of our economy and the health and lives of millions of Americans.

IF CALLING DEMOCRAT: I’m calling today because I’m appalled by the Republican attempts to pass the AHCA without any transparency what so ever. [I ask that Senator [__] boycott all Senate committee hearings until one is scheduled to discuss and amend the healthcare plan.

[OPTIONAL: Share a personal story of why the ACA is so important to you, your family, and / or your community]

Thank you for your hard work answering the phones. [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Sign this letter to demand input on the Senate’s secret health care bill. Retweet this and share it with your friends in the targeted states listed.

  • Follow these Twitter accounts for health care updates:

Utah Health Policy Project @UHPP

Healthier Utah Coalition @CTGUtah

Save Medicaid Utah @SaveMedicaidUT

Disability Law Center @DLCofUT

Families USA @FamiliesUSA

Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt

Sarah Kliff (Vox) @SarahKliff