Areas of Advocacy


MWEG is currently focused on five areas of advocacy:

Protecting Democracy Shoulder to Shoulder Caring for Creation Rooting Out Racism Empowering Women

Principles of Ethical Government

We are watchdogs and activists whose advocacy is guided by our Principles of Ethical Government and our Principles of Nonpartisanship. These principles guide us in determining our areas of advocacy and positions on issues within those areas.

Principles of Ethical Government

Protecting Democracy

Advocating for voting freedoms and the rule of law

From voting legislation to electoral reform and other issues in this area, we are working to protect and strengthen the democratic norms foundational to ethical government.

Protecting Democracy // Learn more and take action

Shoulder to Shoulder

Compassionate immigration reform and refugee advocacy

Join MWEG's efforts to advocate for immigration policies that are ethical and responsible. We work shoulder to shoulder with individuals and community partners who are fighting to ensure that all of God's children are treated with dignity and respect.

Shoulder to Shoulder // Learn more and take action

Caring for Creation

Environmental advocacy

Caring for Creation is deeply tied to our faith, and to caring for one another. It requires personal action, as well as effective policy and legislation, to make positive changes that will protect this planet for generations to come. 

Caring for Creation // Learn more and take action

Empowering Women

Amplifying our voices and standing together for equality

From the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, to collaborating with other organizations to support women running for office, we are working to build a community where policy and systems support women and help them reach their full potential.

Empowering Women // Learn more and take action

Rooting Out Racism

Working to build the Beloved Community

Our current efforts in this advocacy area are centered on our work with the Utah Educational Equity Coalitionpromoting the values of inclusion and diversity in schools to better serve the needs of all children.

Our "Are You Aware" series and other publications also frequently focus on this topic, sharing both historical examples and personal stories.

Rooting Out Racism // Learn more and take action
View all of our current and past calls to action in the MWEG library, and find more ways that you can be a peaceful advocate for change. 


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