Take Action: March 22, 2017 Let your legislators know your thoughts on the proposed budget

If you have concerns about President Trump’s new budget proposal: Call your three MoCs. Make this a separate call from other issues. Depending on your concerns, here are some possible things to address:  Script: Hi. I am a constituent from _ZIP_ calling to express my deep concern over the president’s proposed budget. Specifically, (choose one or two that concern you most and share a personal story related to it):

  • I don’t want my tax dollars paying for his wall or a bigger military.
  • I don’t want to pay a higher TSA fee or to privatize air traffic control.
  • I support national parks, the prevention of wildlife trafficking, and superfund pollution cleanup.
  • I support scientific research on the climate crisis and cancer.
  • I support the EnergyStar program that rates appliances’ efficiency.
  • I support loan guarantees for small businesses.
  • I support the arts and humanities, including quality programming like Sesame Street, NPR, and Public Broadcasting.
  • I support programs like WIC, school meals, housing subsidies, and medical care for people in need.

I am concerned that my tax dollars should support [adapt to your beliefs…people in need and programs for the public good.]  Where does _NAME_ stand on this proposed budget?