Take Action: March 29, 2017 Support science

We need governmental policies that draw upon the best science. Here are some options to support science.
  • [Might be too late; vote is today!] Call your representative and ask that they oppose H.R.1430: HONEST Act (an oxymoron given its purpose). The Act is intentionally oblique legislation which requires that, when developing rules, the EPA only utilize scientific studies whose data, code, and other materials are all publicly available online. It also requires that all results be independently reproducible.This legislation would inhibit scientific research; learn more here (call script also) and here.

  • Ask your senators to support S. 338, the Scientific Integrity Act that would protect federal scientists from attempts to interfere with scientific discourse and dissemination of research results. According to Science, one of our nation’s top scientific magazines, “The legislation is aimed at blocking attempts by political appointees to manipulate or suppress the results of research that could undermine the administration’s position on an issue. It would enshrine in law the idea of transparency, open communication, and protection for whistleblowers in a scientific context.”