Take Action! March 3, 2017 Urge your MoC to demand a special prosecutor to probe Russian influence

Urge your members of Congress to publicly demand that the Department of Justice appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in our election, the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government, and the President’s financial entanglements with Russia. Senator Lindsey Graham [R-SC] and Representative Darrell Issa [R-CA] have joined Senator Chuck Schumer [D-NY] and many other Democrats in calling for a special prosecutor. A special prosecutor will help ensure an investigation free from partisan politics.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.theloyalopposition.net/daily-ctas/daily-call-action-march-3rd-2017/


“Hi. This is [NAME], and I’m a constituent in zip code [ZIP]. I’m calling to let [Rep/Sen____] know that I support the creation of a special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s role in the election, and President Trump’s financial ties to Moscow. I’d like to see [Rep/Sen____] publicly call on the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor as soon as possible, because I’m concerned that Congress’ investigations are too partisan to get to the truth. Thanks so much for your time.”