Take Action: March 31, 2017 Demand the release of Trump’s tax returns

To prove that he is working for the American people instead of getting rich from foreign governments and shady deals, Donald Trump must fully release all of his recent tax returns. Since 1980, every major party nominee has done so, voluntarily. Trump has not, and has said that Americans are uninterested. We think that might be incorrect!

We need to tell our MoCs over and over again that this is important to us.  As you call your reps, express the desire to have Trump’s tax returns released.  This needs to be one of the top issues staffers hear about over and over again, since it is the top 2-3 issues each day that get reported to the MoCs.  Detailed scripts are available here.

In addition, these Congressional committees have the power to subpoena his tax returns; pressure on members on those committees (I’ll list in the comments and tag MWEG chairs of states represented) might be especially effective: Joint Committee on Taxation, Senate Finance Committee, and House Ways and Means Committee (which in markup voted to give an unfavorable recommendation on HR 186, which would mandate this – so an uphill battle).  The House Democrats have forced votes on this issue 5 times in the last 5 weeks, but have repeatedly been voted down along party lines.