Take Action: May 10-14, 2017 Put country before party

Yesterday Trump fired James Comey, the FBI Director who was investigating Russian involvement in our election and whether members of Trump’s team have colluded with Russia.  As President, Trump has the authority to replace Comey—and he’ll likely do so with one of his most loyal supporters. In the days, weeks, and months to come, Trump will likely use Comey’s ouster and replacement to derail the FBI investigation.  With the integrity of our democracy at stake, we encourage MWEG members and their friends and family to unite behind several ACTIONS (more info and call scripts below the action items):

  1. EACH DAY for the rest of this week, contact ALL THREE of your Members of Congress. Calls are best, but if you can’t call, please fax or email or write.  More info and call scripts below, but some key points are to ask our reps to:
    1. Insist that Comey still testify publicly, as was planned, this Thursday. We learned a lot from Sally Yates and deserve to learn from Comey as well.
    2. Publicly demand that an independent investigation and special prosecutor be appointed.
    3. Publicly insist that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must immediately appoint a special counsel to continue the Trump/Russia investigation.

Our reps may say that we should wait for the Congressional committees to complete their work, but both have been compromised or ineffective.  We must demand more.

  1. Call the Department of Justice (202-514-2000 or 202-353-1555) and insist that a special prosecutor be appointed.
  2. Continue the Purple Rain letter campaign. This is not just for Utahns.  Jason Chaffetz is the Chair of the Oversight Committee and thus is beholden to all of us.  He must focus on the downpour going on right now—not issues from 2016 (which he focused on today) or Bears Ears (which he said he would spend the remainder of his time as a rep, and which is tied to the big money interests supporting Trump).  Keep sending him letters insisting that he investigate Trump-Russia and conflicts of interest.
  3. Pray for all of our leaders as well as career employees within the Department of Justice and the FBI to put country before party and to protect our nation from those who would undermine the values upon which it was founded.

More background information: Earlier Tuesday afternoon, Trump fired the FBI Director, James Comey, removing the person responsible for an investigation into whether members of Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russia in its interference in last year’s election. Comey has been privileged to classified information in this investigation; his dismissal will slow down the process.

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin “branded the move a ‘grotesque abuse of power by the President of the United States….  This is the kind of thing that goes on in non-democracies,’ Toobin said, referring to the fact that Comey was dismissed while leading an investigation that ‘reaches near’ the President. ‘We do not fire FBI directors when they are closing in on the White House….  This is not something that is within the American political tradition,’ Toobin said, comparing the sacking of Comey to President Richard Nixon’s firing of special prospector Archibald Cox during the Watergate scandal.  This is not normal. This is not politics as usual,’ Toobin said though added that Trump did have the legal authority to fire an FBI director.”

Below is a possible script, or see 5Calls for more information and a call script.

Hello, my name is ___ and I’m calling from [zip code] to insist that [MoC] push for a special prosecutor and an independent investigation to investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia and any possible conflicts of interest.  Trump’s firing of Director Comey was an alarming partisan act, and reinforces the urgent need for non-partisan investigations. I call upon [MoC] to publicly and courageously support this action NOW.