Take Action: May 30, 2017 Advocate for health care.

Action: Advocate for the health care you want by Friday, June 2.

The Senate is working on their version of the health care bill and a vote is expected in June or July. Call both your Senators to give your input.

Call both your Senators. (lookup or leave message)

Possible script: Hi. I’m from _ZIP_ calling about healthcare. I would like _NAME_ to fight for my right to affordable, quality healthcare coverage.

(Specifically, list what you want. Ideas:

  1. No gender discrimination.
  2. No lifetime caps.
  3. To cover all pre-existing conditions.
  4. To cost less than $X per month per person.
  5. Comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid.
  6. Start pressuring health insurance companies to decrease costs.

Then share a story about why one of these is important to you personally.)