Take Action: May 6-7, 2017 Understand climate science

Unfortunately, our current administration is not the best at promoting verifiable facts. Scientists, especially those studying climate change,  are ignored or even stifled (the day before the Climate March, the Trump Administration removed all reference to climate science from the EPA website).

We can respect science and keep informed: here are two in-depth articles about the climate crisis.  In addition, we can understand that women, especially in developing nations, are often uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change for a wide range of reasons. For instance, because of their role in caregiving, women are often the last to leave an area in the grip of a climate change-related natural disaster, and therefore are more likely to die. Women in some communities may not have access to education that could help them combat the effects of drought on crops and livestock, which are traditionally their responsibility.  We have to stand up for our sisters in other lands.

  • Write: Make a postcard of the scientific method to help science deniers. See the scientific method wikipedia page, then write or draw the 7-step process on a postcard and send it to climate science deniers in the current administration: Scott Pruitt (address), Rex Tillerson (address), Ryan Zinke (address), Rick Perry (address), Tom Price (address), Wilbur Ross (address).  Involve your kids if you have some. Add: “The climate crisis is real.”
  • Get Local!  350.org is building a grassroots climate change movement, which you can take part in locally by attending events, participating in calls to action, or even starting your own group. Explore the site, find a campaign and spread the word on social, or take the steps needed to join or start a local group.