Take Action: May 8, 2017 Continue to request health care legislation that you support

It will be tougher to pass the healthcare bill in the Senate. If you are opposed to the present AHCA, here are some actions to take and some resources to learn from.

  • Call your Senators: If you’re concerned, start the calls and the faxes to your Senators now. They need to hear from their constituents. Insist that the CBO gives its report first, too. More information and call scripts at here.
  • The American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Osteopathic Association, and Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah, as well as nurses and patient groups, have come out in strong opposition to the AHCA. But many insurance companies have remained silent, probably because they stand to make even more money.  Let’s make sure our senators know that we know big pharma and profit-making insurance companies are part of the problem.
  • Rooted in Rights, a disability rights group, and the National Council on Independent Living are asking for video submissions for the #IAmAPreExistingCondition campaign. The campaign is working towards humanizing those of us who will be affected by the AHCA, so that our senators can associate the dangerous effects of this bill with real people.
  • Certain Republican senators may be especially open to listening to constituents across the aisle. If you are concerned about a healthcare bill that leave millions uninsured because of pre-existing conditions, cuts Medicaid for our most vulnerable, and gives tax cuts to the wealthy, and these Senators are yours, be sure to contact.
    1) AK: Lisa Murkowski, 1900 First Ave Ste 225, Ketchikan AK 99901-6059,
    2) AZ: Jeff Flake, 6840 N Oracle Rd Ste 150, Tucson AZ 85704-4252,
    3) CO: Cory Gardner, 102 S Tejon St #930, Colorado Springs CO 80903-2231,
    4) ME: Susan Collins, 1 Canal Plz Ste 802, Portland ME 04101-4035,
    5) NV: Dean Heller, 8930 W Sunset Rd Ste 230, Las Vegas NV 89148-5010,
    6) OH: Rob Portman, 37 W Broad St Ste 300, Columbus OH 43215-4180,
    7) PA: Pat Toomey, US Federal Bldg, 17 S Park Row B120, Erie PA 16501-1156,
    8) WV: Shelly Moore Capito, 48 Donley St Ste 504, Morgantown WV 26501-5900
  • What else is there?  According the World Health Organization, the U.S.A ranks 37th in the world in regards to health care. We do not have a healthcare system that compares favorably by quantitative or qualitative measures.
  • Town Halls: Rep. Maloney (D-NY) has said that if the GOP members of the House avoid town halls to shirk telling their constituents why they voted for the AHCA, then perhaps the Dems in the House should go on their stead.  I’d like my rep (Chaffetz) to hold town hall, but maybe Kathryn Allen should go in his place?
  • Tax cuts: Warren Buffet has commented on the math behind the bill: “If the Republican bill had been law last year, he said, “my federal taxes would have gone down 17 percent last year, so it’s a huge tax cut for guys like me…. That is in the law that was passed a couple days ago,” he added. “Anybody with $250,000 a year of adjusted gross income and a lot of investment income is going to have a huge tax cut.”
  • If you support a single payer system: A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that more Americans are leaning toward government-sponsored healthcare.  Even Trump likes a single-payer system.  But single-payer is not the same as “public option.” Let’s note that many of our legislators will try to turn a conversation about single payer into one about the public option, which would not cover as much.  If Single Payer is what you want, understand the difference and stay focused in asking for it.