Take Action: May 9, 2017 Advocate for integrity in leadership

  • Object to Trump’s conflicts of interest. As President Trump focuses his attention on overhauling America’s tax code, he has considered turning to the other side of the aisle to reach a bipartisan deal. But an obstacle has already surfaced, dimming the chances that a “grand bargain” will be achieved: Democrats are sounding the alarm that reshaping the tax code presents Mr. Trump’s biggest conflict of interest yet: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/07/us/politics/democrats-see-opening-in-tax-overhaul-fight-trumps-own-deductions.html.  Call your MoCs and voice your concern.  You can also ask them to support The Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act of 2017 (S.65/H.R.371), currently stuck in the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Possible Script: This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I’m calling because I want [Sen/Rep____] to support (S.65/H.R.371), which would require the President to divest financial assets which create a conflict of interest. I’m very concerned about the appearance of corruption and think this legislation would go a long way to solving the problem. [Optional: I’m particularly concerned about the President vacationing at his own properties at taxpayer expense, his continued involvement in his business and potential conflicts in foreign countries like the Philippines and Venezuela.] I appreciate your time!
  • Support an independent investigation of 45’s ties to Russia. Continue to call your MoCs. Possible Script: I’m from _ZIP_ and am more concerned than ever about Trump’s ties to Russia. Is _NAME_ willing to join Republicans like John McCain and Darrell Issa and Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden in publicly supporting an independent investigation?
  • Advocate for White House visitor transparency. Call your two senators.  Possible Script: I’m calling from _ZIP_ to request that _NAME_ support and cosign Senate Bill 953 which would make White House visitor logs public. I don’t trust our president and want more transparency. Will _NAME_ commit to cosigning this bill? (hat tip: POPVOX)
  • Speak out against Jared Kushner’s conflicts of interest: Call your MoCs.  Possible Script: I’m a constituent from _ZIP_. I’m concerned about Jared Kushner’s integrity. He didn’t disclose meetings with a foreign bank or ambassador to gain security clearance and is still benefitting financially from his businesses. I would like _NAME_ to join Sen. Warren, Sen. Carper, and Rep. Cummings in asking ethics officials for information about Kushner’s dishonesty and failure to divest.
  • As reported yesterday by the New York Times, the Trump Administration is now being sued for refusing to respond to or comply with Freedom of Information Act requests that it explain the legal basis for its military strikes against the Assad regime in Syria.The Senate can persuade or legally force the President to disclose the legal justification for these actions. Regardless of whether the military strikes against Assad were good policy, they must still be legal.