Take Action: November 11 & 12, 2017 Learn about running for office

Election Day 2017 has come and gone. But another campaign cycle is already gearing up. Here is what Holly Tree Richardson—board member of Real Women Run, former member of the Utah House of Representatives, campaign consultant, political activist, and member of MWEG—has to say in her most recent piece in the Salt Lake Tribune.  “The 2018 cycle has begun. In at least one state, they are already running ads for a race that is a year away. In Utah, primaries are in June and caucuses and the filing period are typically in March, which is really just around the corner.

“If you are considering running for office, don’t wait until March to decide. That’s too late. So how do you know if it is the “right time” to throw your hat in the ring? (And if you are waiting for someone to ask you, consider yourself asked. We need you.)”

Read her full article for some questions to consider before you decide to run for office.

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