Take Action: November 16, 2017 Contact the EPA regarding removal of scientists from advisory panels

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has issued a new policy that will disallow scientists who have received grants from EPA from serving on scientific advisory panels, asserting that they could have a conflict of interest. EPA already has strict rules for disclosing conflicts of interest, and the open positions are expected to be filled by industry representatives – who will ostensibly by offering advice on environmental regulations that may affect their businesses. (Conflict of interest, anyone?) In an email to Buzzfeed News, Al Teich of George Washington University wrote, “There is an important role for citizen advisors who are not experts in a scientific field and who represent various constituencies on advisory committees, but they should complement, not replace the experts. Disqualifying the very people who know the most about a subject from serving as advisors makes no sense.”

Contact EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt today using this form from the American Geophysical Union.  Adapt and personalize the following script:

Possible Script: I am writing to express my concern for the new EPA policy to disallow experts to serve on EPA science advisory committees if they receive EPA funding. EPA already has strict rules on disclosure, and this move only serves to compromise these advisory boards in favor of industry voices. I strongly urge the EPA to uphold the scientific integrity of their advisory boards and continue to allow the nation’s experts to serve on them.

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Image Source: Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash