Take Action: November 17, 2017 Protect the grand American experiment

We love and cherish the grand American experiment.  We know that democracy requires educated, vigilant constituents who hold their elected leaders to standards of truth and ethics.  Mormon Women for Ethical Government has issued this official statement: “In light of the recent indictments in the inquiry led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we call upon Congress to enact legislation that will protect this critical investigation and ensure that the whole truth be uncovered. We further call on Congress to insist that proper checks and balances between branches of government be maintained so that anyone found guilty of serious crimes against our republic or of abusing constitutional powers throughout the course of this investigation be barred from returning to any position of public influence. In addition, we reject and will vigorously contest any proposal for unethical pardoning or any other obstruction of justice.”

We must continue to act against foreign intervention in our democratic process.  “Despite denials from the campaign and the White House, it is now clear that members of the Trump campaign interacted with Russians at least 31 times throughout the campaign. (There are at least 19 known meetings.) Knowledge of these communications went to the highest levels of Donald Trump’s operation — both Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort, two of the campaign’s three managers, were aware of it.

“Since the information about members of the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russians has come out in dribs and drabs, as a public service, [The Washington Post] compiled a comprehensive timeline of what we now know from media reports and court documents detailing which members of the campaign met with Russians during the campaign as well as internal discussions about those meetings.”

In addition, The Atlantic broke the story about Donald Trump Jr. having had contacts with Wikileaks during the campaign.

Let us not tire of standing for truth and democracy.  5calls.org has information and call scripts on several ways to combat Russian intervention in our democratic process:

Possible Call Script (shorten if leaving a message):

“Hello.  My name is [NAME] and I am calling from [CITY, ZIP].  I wish to reiterate my grave concern over the findings of covert meetings, substantive conversations, and long-term collaboration between the Trump campaign and Russian politicians, oligarchs, business magnates and hackers. I want [MoC NAME] to speak out publicly against such undermining of the Constitution, and to stand prepared to defend and promote the Mueller investigation until that process announces it has discovered all it has been assigned to discover.

“[MoC NAME] must also call on President Trump to implement Russian Sanctions, signed into law in August 2017.  The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act was passed by the House and Senate with nearly unanimous support, but the October 1 deadline for implementing the sanctions came and went without Trump taking action.  Trump’s recent comments sympathetic to Russia and Putin amid the ongoing investigations into the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia make it imperative that Congress keep up pressure to implement sanctions.

“I also ask [MoC NAME] to support the Honest Ads Act [H.R. 4077 if House, S. 1989 if Senate]. Holding online political ads to the same standard as ads published through other media is a critical first step in safeguarding our democracy and preventing foreign interference in elections.

“[FOR SENATORS] Finally, I would like [MoC NAME] to support S. 1821, a bill to establish a national commission on the cybersecurity of US election systems. The government must take steps to protect the integrity of our elections, and an investigative commission is a crucial step in combating future attempts by Russia to interfere with our voting systems again.

“Thank you for your time in recording and sharing my concerns.”

Image Source: Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash