Take Action: November 28, 2017 Protect elephants from trophy hunting

The President is considering the future of President Obama’s ban on elephant hunting trophies. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, under Interior Secretary Zinke, lifted the ban on elephant trophies from Zambia recently, which is cause for concern as elephants face great population impacts with hunting and the ivory trade, as well as diminishing habitats. (More information here.)  The President has stated his intent to review more fully before more changes are made—now is the time to speak up about this!

You can sign a petition here.  Since petitions aren’t super effective, you can also write a letter to President Trump and Secretary Zinke.  Better yet, adapt the script given at the letter link, and send it directly to Trump (https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/write-or-call) and Zinke ( feedback@ios.doi.gov).

Image Source: Photo by Casey Allen on Unsplash