Take Action: November 9. 2017 Help raise awareness about the need for a clean DREAM Act and extension of TPS

We’re on Scary Mommy! With all your great sharing skills, Scary Mommy got wind of Molly Hogan’s heartfelt essay on Catia’s deportation and picked it up on their site with a nice shout-out to our MWEG Medium publication On Common Ground!

We’d love to get it plenty of exposure (Scary Mommy gets 20 million unique visitors each month!) so we’re asking you to please share (and share again!), this time through the scarymommy link here.  If you’ve already shared it on your own social media accounts and networks, consider emailing and tweeting the link to your members of Congress.  Share it with organizations who might be our allies in this effort.

Stories like these change hearts, and changed hearts lead to better policies.  Thank you!

Photo Credit: Molly Hogan