Take Action: October 17, 2017 Support the Special Counsel Integrity Act and Special Counsel Independence Act

Yesterday Trump said that American public is sick of the Mueller investigation and that he would like it to end. See video and article. While Trump claims to not have considered firing Mueller, it’s important our Members of Congress know we would feel more confident about the investigation if they would support S.1735 (the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act) and H.R. 3771/S. 1741 (the Special Counsel Integrity Act).

Possible Call Script: “I want you to co-sponsor legislation to protect the Trump-Russia criminal investigation from political obstruction. Please support and help pass the bipartisan Special Counsel Integrity Act (H.R.3771 in the House/S. 1741 in the Senate), to limit Donald Trump’s authority to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.  Please also support S. 1735, the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act.