Take Action: October 19, 2017 Ask Senator Orrin Hatch to support bipartisan health care solutions

After gaining initial bipartisan support, the congressional move to provide funding to stabilize healthcare markets (after Pres Trump rescinded cost sharing payments) has been dealt a blow by Senator Orrin Hatch, whose position as chair of the Senate Finance Committee makes his support critical. 
The largest state chapter of Mormon Women for Ethical Government is in Utah.  Let’s call and ask him why he is thwarting a bipartisan solution to healthcare.
Call DC Office: 202-224-5251
Fax DC Office: 202-224-6331
Call Provo Office: 801-375-7881
Fax SL Office: 801-524-4379
Email: senator_hatch@hatch.senate.gov
Also see: https://www.hatch.senate.gov/