Take Action: October 24, 2017 Oppose federal funding of deportation forces

Trump has requested over $6 billion to beef up deportation forces and detention facilities as part of a new set of immigration policies influenced by a group called FAIR, which the SPLC and others have categorized as a hate group. If the funding goes through, new private prisons will be constructed across the country — including outside of Salt Lake City — which are problematic for their notorious abuse, waste of government funds and escalated detention rates due to improper financial incentives to detain and retain prisoners.
We can call on our senators and US representative to oppose funding of Trump’s deportation force. 
Possible Call Script:  Hello.  My name is [NAME] and I am calling from [TOWN, ZIP CODE].  I oppose the request for more than $6 billion to implement new immigration policies that stem from hate and misinformation.  I oppose the funding of private prisons, which are often rife with abuse, waste of government funds, and escalated detention rates.  Please oppose the funding of additional deportation forces and detention facilities.
In addition, we can read and share the op-ed in the Deseret News by Laura Bandara: “Why are those with ties to white supremacists making our immigration policy?”