Take Action: September 13, 2017 Decrease the likelihood of a physician shortage by 2025

We have been posting several healthcare actions to help decrease the likelihood of a shortage of 100,000 physicians by 2025. This possibility is dire. As MWEG Healthcare committee member and medical student Katie Dressman said, “If that happens, it won’t matter whether people have insurance or not—they won’t be able to get care anyway.” Rural areas, where there is already a shortage, will be hit especially hard.

There are currently four bipartisan bills in Congress that could alleviate this projected shortage:

Each of these bills increases residency spots for medical school graduates, a crucial step in a doctor’s training. Last year, hundreds of thousands more medical grad students applied for residencies than the number of residency spots available. In any other political moment, these bills would be easily voted in, but in this contentious time, they aren’t getting much attention. Let’s see what we can do to change that! Will you join us in advocating for positive change with as much zeal as we fought against negative change?