Take Action: September 20, 2017 Support bipartisan Earned Income Tax Credits

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a good example of legislation that combines the values of conservative and liberals.  According to the Washington Post,

The EITC has an excellent track record both economically and politically. Lots of studies have found that it increases workforce participation, for example. Since its introduction in 1975, it has also received bipartisan support, given its dual purpose as both an anti-poverty and a pro-work program. Both Republican and Democratic presidents have overseen major EITC expansions.

However, the House’s fiscal 2018 budget resolution committee report proposes decreasing “improper” EITC payments by requiring verification of all income before benefits go out.   This could require every American applying for the EITC to go through a sort of mini-audit before getting their refund, something that would “impose huge administrative burdens on low-income workers, many of whom cobble together a living through multiple jobs and part-time ‘gig economy’ positions, from which they may not earn enough money to require the 1099” that such an audit would make necessary.  As the Washington Post op-ed states: “This would both place huge new burdens on the working poor and divert scarce Internal Revenue Service resources away from other audit targets, such as big corporations, that offer a much higher return on investment.”

If this does not seem like a good use of government funds and of taxpayer time, call your Representatives and ask them to oppose mini-audits to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits.

Possible Script:

“I oppose mini-audits to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits. The hard work of individual citizens should continue to be supported. Do not add unnecessary bureaucracy that makes life more difficult for hard working middle class and poor families in our country. Thank you.”