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Protecting Democracy

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." — Ronald Reagan 

We are educating and empowering our members to participate in every phase of the democratic process. Learn more about how you can do your part to protect our democracy for the generations who come after. 

Take action today and write to your Members of Congress about issues threatening our democracy.

Protect the Vote

Without a free and fair vote, our democracy will fall. MWEG is working with other organizations to make sure each voice is heard at the ballot box. Join our fight to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to vote in elections that are safe, secure, and accessible. Find out what you can do to take action today!

Confront Systemic Racism

The women of Mormon Women for Ethical Government are not willing to be complicit by being complacent.  We invite all to join us as we act to confront and dismantle systemic racism.

Shoulder to Shoulder


Join MWEG's efforts to advocate for national immigration policies that are ethical and responsible. We work shoulder to shoulder with individuals and community partners who are fighting to ensure that all of God's children are treated with the humanity and respect they deserve. We invite everyone to participate in these Calls to Action. Access to all the resources for this initiative is available to registered members of MWEG. 

Calls to Action

We empower women to act in defense of ethical government. Come view our calls to action and find ways that you can act directly to be a peaceful advocate for change.

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