Sharlee Mullins Glenn

Sharlee Mullins Glenn is an award-winning poet, essayist, and children’s book author. She was a Hinckley Scholar at Brigham Young University, holds an MA in Humanities, and taught at BYU as adjunct faculty for a number of years before giving up academia for the writing life. Sharlee has presented at conferences and workshops across the country and her work has appeared in journals as varied as Women’s Studies, Irreantum, The Southern Literary Journal, Segullah, and BYU Studies. She has also published a novel and a number of picture books for children.  In the spare time she used to have pre-MWEG, she liked to read, hike, practice yoga, eat cookies, and play pickleball. Sharlee served a full-time LDS mission in Italy and has accepted nearly every imaginable Church calling over the years. After a long and lovely stint as stake Primary president, she is now serving in her ward as Gospel Doctrine teacher. Sharlee and her husband, James, live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They have five above average children and three perfect grandchildren. (She is now also completely gray. Thank you, MWEG.)