Weekly Action Recommendations: Week of July 2, 2017

ACTION: Oppose the ban against Muslims, despite SCOTUS ruling (hat tip)

Write: Your 3 MoCs at a local office.  Possible Script: I’m a constituent from [ZIP], concerned about discrimination against Muslims immigrating to the US and the SCOTUS ruling. I am asking you for two things: 1. To extend the definition of family to include grandparents, fiancé/es, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces. 2. To pass stronger anti-discrimination and sanctuary resolutions so that liberty and welcome may prevail. Name, address. Bonus: Read this infographic.

ACTION: Advocate for Republicans for joining 2016 election hacking panel

Call: Your one representative. Possible Script: Hi. I’m calling from [ZIP] to express my support for the new House panel that plans to investigate the Russian hacking of the election. Safeguarding future elections isn’t a liberal or conservative issue, it’s a democracy issue. Democrats have invited Republicans to participate in this panel, and I would like [name] to do so. Can you please convey my message to her/him?

ACTION: Support election integrity and oppose voter fraud and suppression

  • Call: Your governor’s office (lookup) and Secretary of State (lookup). Possible Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [ZIP] calling to express my concern about the federal election integrity commission. Vice Chair Kobach’s history of voter suppression makes recent letters requesting citizen data deeply concerning.  Please join with other states and refuse to comply with this invasive request.
  • The federal Election Assistance Commission helps states improve their voting systems, addressing issues like cybersecurity and poll-worker training. The majority party would like to scrap the agency, and it is slated to be defunded by the end of 2018. Mike Quigley (D-IL) has introduced an amendment to HR 115 (the Financial Services Appropriation Bill) to appropriate $9.2 million to fund it. In this time of cyberattacks, Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, claims by Trump that the election was rigged, voter suppression, and more, an agency that helps to strengthen our voting systems sounds like a good idea.  If you agree, ask your MoCs to support the Quigley amendment.

ACTION: Support an Independent Commission

While the Russia investigation has been appointed a special counsel, we still do not have an Congressional independent investigation or an independent commission. While the special counsel is beneficial in seeking criminal charges, the independent commission does not have to answer to the DOJ, and would be able to make public even non-criminal actions.  Let’s call our MoC and let them know that we have not forgotten about the need for an independent commission, and make sure that our Representatives have signed the discharge petition for the Protecting Our Democracy Act (H.R. 356) (more info and call script).

ACTION: Support quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans

  • Oppose making healthcare deals in exchange for McConnell’s “candy.” If your senators are mentioned in this article, call them today. Call: Your two senators. Possible Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP], calling about healthcare. I know that Sen. McConnell is offering money to sweeten deals to get 50 votes. Our health isn’t for sale. Please tell Sen. [name] his/her constituents are relying on him/her to support excellent healthcare for all people, not a tax cut for the wealthy few. Thanks.
  • Advocate for open debate instead of secret healthcare deals. Email, call: 202-224-2541, or fax: 202-224-2499  Possible Script: I am calling Senator McConnell in his role as Senate Majority Leader. I am concerned that the secrecy and speed of the AHCA bill don’t serve the American public. These hasty actions are hurting your party. I would like Sen. McConnell to slow down the process and have open, collaborative hearings that address the needs of all Americans.

ACTION: Oppose a 10-year delay in enacting air pollution regulations (Hat tip).

  • Contact: Send an email to all three MOCs (lookup or leave message). Possible Script: Dear [MOC], I am concerned about the Ozone Standards Implementation Act (S263 (Senate) / HR806 (House). I support protections enacted by the EPA and the Clean Air Act. The OSI Act would disable the clean air standards that make people safer. We need emission reductions and toxin mitigation from industry. (If you have family, friends with lung issues or allergies, mention this.) I’m counting on you to work to protect my family’s health and stop this bill. Your actions on this issue affect my vote at the polls. Thank you.

ACTION: Support sanctions against Russia

The Senate’s Russian sanctions bill (S.722) has stalled due to a procedural snafu.  The Senate can now either tweak its bill, introduce a new one, or the House can introduce identical legislation to ensure there is no further delay.  See more information and a call script at 5calls.  We can:

  • Call our Representative to let them know that we support sanctions against Russia.
  • Call the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (202-225-5021), the committee which would help forward the legislation, and tell them that we support legislation which would impose sanctions against Russia.
  • Call Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy at (202) 224-3121. Tell them to reject the President’s weak response and #StandUpToRussia. Let them know you support moving forward with strong sanctions against Moscow and its violations of American sovereignty. You could also share this video from Stand Up Republic.
  • Until the Russian investigation is over, it seems unwise for Trump to be having private meetings with Putin. It’s apparent from this news article that Trump still wants to please Putin and cares little for what our country wants in regard to Russia. “President Donald Trump has asked National Security Council staff to come up with ‘deliverables’ that he can offer to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Germany on Thursday, July 6th. The news comes on the heels of a report published by The Associated Press last week that said Trump had been pushing for a full bilateral meeting with Putin rather than just an informal “pull-aside” on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.” The White House is not commenting. The sanctions need to stay in place and we should not be offering “deliverables” to Putin. Let’s tell the White House and Congress and the National Security Council no to any ”gifts” for Putin.

ACTION: Ask that courthouses be off-limits to ICE

Although chief justices of the Supreme Courts of California, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (so far) have publicly condemned it, ICE continues to stalk and arrest immigrants in courthouses across the country—most recently in a NY Human Trafficking Intervention Court meant to protect the victims of human trafficking.  Though ICE insists that they pursue only those who threaten the public safety, the presence of their plainclothes agents have deterred immigrants, documented and undocumented, from appearing in court for fear of deportation (read article here).  There are two things we can do: press the chief justices of our states to voice their opposition to ICE’s tactics and urge our state legislators to insist that courthouses, like schools and hospitals, be made off-limits to ICE.